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Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor & Pistol

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Raynor - Step 1

For PAX 2010 my gang once again decided to do group costumes. This year we picked StarCraft II. I decided that I wanted to go as Jim Raynor. Most of my work went into his pistol.

I had to pull references images from multiple sources. In the end, I had to use this monstrosity of a reference to go with.

Raynor - Step 2

Using that template I was able to cut the base of the gun out of MDF.  The main barrel is a piece of PVC pipe and the thing on top of the barrel is a piece of wooden dowel.

Raynor - Step 3

Next I made the cylinder out of more MDF and dowel, added a dowel under the main barrel and bulked up some other pieces with black PVC foam.

Raynor - Step 4

Once most of the bulk was added to the gun I was able to glue the cylinder in, fill in the seams with Bondo, and start detailing.

Raynor - Step 5

Once finished, the pistol was primed and sanded. After that I made a urethane mold of it and cast copies of the gun out of plastic resin.

Raynor - Finished

The cast plastic gun was sanded (a lot) and painted to look like metal and leather. You can see many more photos of the finished gun on my flickr page.

Raynor - Costume

I don’t have any progress shots of the costume, but  check out the finished work!

StarCraft II Gang

Here is a shot of my whole gang and all of our StarCraft II costumes. See a larger shot on my flickr page.

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