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Team Fortress 2 Soldier & Rocket Launcher

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For PAX 2009, my friends and I decided to go dressed as the blue team from Team Fortress 2. I ended up picking the soldier class for my costume. This means that I needed a rocket launcher! This is one of my very first prop build projects.

Rocket Launcher - Step 1

Most of the rocket launcher was a 4″ PVC pipe covered with foam and Bondo.

Rocket Launcher - Step 2

The nose of the rocket launcher was also foam covered in Bondo. It was removable so that I could store things in the body of the launcher.

Rocket Launcher - Step 3

The back end of the launcher was made from a plastic funnel with cardboard and Bondo.

Rocket Launcher - Finished

The rest of the launcher was finished up with wooden handles and painted with acrylic paint.

Soldier - Complete

I don’t have progress photos of the rest of the costume, but here is the finished product!

Full Blue Team

Here is a shot of my whole crew. You can see more photos from the shoot on my flickr page.

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