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Steampunk Gauntlet

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Every year my gang of costumers and I go to SteamCon here in Seattle. This year’s theme was “Wild Whacky West”, so I decided to make my own steampunk sherrif costume. The first bit that I made was a steam gauge gauntlet.

Steam Gauntlet - Step 1

This project was completely from scratch using leather and plastic PVC Foam. Both pieces were cut out from a design that I came up with. The plastic was bent to the contour that would go over my forearm.

Steam Gauntlet - Step 2

I added round platforms on the plastic base for the eventual location of the gauges. The seams were filled in with magic sculpt.

Steam Gauntlet - Step 3

Clear acrylic was layered under more plastic on the platforms for the gauges. Eventually, LEDs would be put in the middle of each gauge to light them up.

Steam Gauntlet - Step 4

The actual gauges are just paper printed from my inkjet. The paper was epoxied under the acrylic. The needles don’t move, but it was a cheap and easy way to sell the look. The plastic bits were painted with copper model paint.

Steam Gauntlet - Step 5

A battery case, LEDs and a switch were added to the underside of the gauntlet and a leather glove was sewn to the front of it.

Steam Gauntlet - Finished

Finally, here is the completed piece! Check out my flickr page for more shots of the build.

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