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Steampunk Revolver

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Steampunk Revolver - Step 1

My approach for this prop was very similar to how I did my Jim Raynor pistol. Lots of MDF and foam PVC was used. The only differences were that I did not make a mold of this and the cylinder actually spins!

I started with my own custom design and cut the base shape out of MDF. I took elements of the design from the Raynor gun, real guns and revolvers from the video game Borderlands.

Steampunk Revolver - Step 2

Some of the MDF pieces were made separately and attached to the main body of the revolver.

Steampunk Revolver - Step 3

The cylinder was designed to spin freely so I put a dowel through the middle of it. The thing on the bottom of the barrel is PVC pipe with a dowel through it as well. The ends were plugged up with magic sculpt and then sanded smooth.

Steampunk Revolver - Step 4

I had to make separate pieces for inserting the spinning cylinder. The dowel from the cylinder will rest in these inserts when they are glued into place.

Steampunk Revolver - Step 5

Details for the revolver were cut out of some spare foam PVC that I had around. The handle was carved with my Dremel tool.

Steampunk Revolver - Step 6

With all of the detail work done the entire thing was primed, sanded and sprayed with a dark brown matte paint.

Steampunk Revolver - Finished

The gun was finished with silver and copper Rub ‘n Buff and acrylic paint for the handle. You can see more build photos on my flickr page.

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