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X-Men: Wolverine

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For the 2011 Emerald City ComicCon, my friends and I decided to go dressed up as X-Men. Of course I wanted to go as Wolverine, because he is the coolest one. Also I’m short and hairy, so I fit the bill pretty well. To be honest, most of the work for this costume was spent in the gym.

Update 2013: I remade the Wolverine Claws and made a progress video!

The only real prop work was put into the claws and the belt buckle. I don’t have any progress photos, but both props were made from foam PVC. The claws have some sturdy 12-gauge stainless steel wire going through them to a wooden grip that rests in the palm of my hand. The belt is a couple pieces of layered foam PVC with a wire running out the back of it to loop my bet through.

While I didn’t get any progress photos, I did take some studio photos and I even used the costume in a short film. Enjoy!

Wolverine - Bad Ass
Wolverine - Caged Animal
Wolverine - Bring it On

Also, here is the short film that I used this costume for:

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