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Battlestar Galactica (2004) Colonial Pistol

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BSG Pistol - Hero Pose

I was tapped to build a Battlestar Galactica Colonial Pistol prop replica for a Halloween costume. I much prefer the season 1 version and I was given leeway to pick the version, so that’s the one that I went with.

I whipped up a vector for this in Inkscape and printed it out to get the party started. You can buy the blueprint I made here.

BSG - Step 1

I made the center layer out of 3/8″ foam PVC and each layer outward out of 1/8″ foam PVC.

BSG Pistol - Step 2

The grenade launcher bit was made separately and attached later.

BSG Pistol - Step 3

As the pieces were attached to the main part they were shaped with a Dremel.

BSG Pistol - Step 4

With all of the pieces attached and roughly shaped, it’s time to start sanding and filling to get this puppy mold ready!

BSG Pistol - Step 5

I smoothed out all of the seams and edges with Bondo and Magic Scupt. The gun got a good priming, sanding, and more priming. Then it got wet sanded so that it would be ready for mold making!

BSG Pistol - Step 6

I made a 2 part silicone mold of the finished master gun.

BSG Pistol - Step 7

From that mold I am now able to pull plastic resin copies of the gun.

BSG Pistol - Step 8

Finally the guns can be painted! They were given a metallic spray base coat. The handle is brown and black acrylic paint to simulate wood. Then the gun was weathered with black acrylic paint and highlighted with silver metallic paint.

BSG Pistol - Finished

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