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Dragonstone - Finished

I got a commission to build a replica prop of the Dragonstone from Skyrim! This is the perfect kind of prop if you want something to hang on a wall.

This project started as a hunk of 1.5″ insulation foam. I printed out a screen shot of the stone in several segments, taped them together, and then traced the lines through the paper using a needle.

Dragonstone - Step 1

With the lines transferred to the foam, I carved out the grooves with a pointy bit on my Dremel.

Dragonstone - Step 2
Dragonstone - Step 3

Next, I brushed several layers of polyurethane resin over all of the foam. This seals the foam and preserves the edges. I didn’t take any photos of this step. I beg your forgiveness.

With the shape of the Dragonstone all parsed out, I decided to make a mold of this thing, because why the hell not. Maybe I want one of these for myself. The mold was made in two parts with Smooth-On’s MoldMax silicone. What I ended up with looks a lot like lunch trays.

Dragonstone - Step 4

The front, thicker part of the mold was cast in two pours. The first pour filled in the details on the face of it, then I put in an insulation foam plug to fill up most of the space, and finally I filled in the sides of it with more plastic resin. The rear plate of the stone was cast in one, thin cast (not pictured).

Dragonstone - Step 5

With both side cast, I sanded down the edges that would meet and then epoxied them together.

Dragonstone - Step 6

The edges all got sanded down and the whole thing got painted. Again, I apologize for the lack of photos, but I was far too focused on the project and forgot to shoot photos.

Dragonstone - Step 7
Dragonstone - Step 8

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