DotA 2 – Juggernaut Mask

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Juggernaut Mask - Finished

I was commissioned to build a wearable mask of the Juggernaut from DotA 2!

I figured that the game art was a pretty good place to start for references, so I did most of my work from this image here.

Juggernaut Mask - Reference

I decided that this would be an excellent chance for me to try out Pepakura for the first time. I dusted off my 3D modeling skills and made a rough likeness of the mask in Maya. I used my own head for scale, because I figured that if it could fit on my giant melon head, it would fit on nearly anyone else’s head.

Juggernaut Mask - Modeled

The .obj of the model was plugged into Pepakura Designer and I unfolded the thing. If you’d like to see a brief explanation of the process, check out my Pepakura Tips and Tricks video!

Once I had the Pepakura files all laid out, I printed them on heavy card stock, cut them out, and glued all of them together. Then the back side of the mask got some MDF and styrene supports.

Juggernaut Mask - Assembled
Juggernaut Mask - Supports

To start giving the mask a bit of rigidity, I slathered the outside surface in fiberglass resin. Once that hardened, the back side got the full fiberglass treatment!

Juggernaut Mask - Goo
Juggernaut Mask - Glassed

Now that the mask was all kinds of stiff, I faired out the faceted faces with a whole lot of Bondo.

Juggernaut Mask - Bondo

Up until now our Juggernaut was blind! I went ahead and gave him some eye holes. You’ll also notice that the mask has been sanded a whole lot and is nice and smooth compared to the faceted look it had from the Pepakura process.

Juggernaut Mask - Eye Holes

Finally this bad boy got some paint! It was sprayed with an off-white enamel and clear coated. Then the red lines were hand painted on with some more enamels. Tah-dah! I also added some foam and elastic to the back side of the mask so that it could be worn.

Juggernaut Mask - Painted
Juggernaut Mask - Foam Elastic

That’s it, all done!

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