Prop: Live – Destiny Titan Foam Chest Armor

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Come watch Bill build the chest armor for his Titan armor costume. Bill uses L200 foam for the first time in a cosplay build and learns things! He also answers questions posted during the stream.

The Complete Foamsmith Trilogy – eBooks

Evil Ted – Chest Armor Video Tutorial

Torso Casting Tutorial

L200 EVA Foam Sheets

Foam Floor Mats

6mm Craft Foam

2mm Craft Foam

L200 EVA Foam Sheets

Airbrush Compressor

Masking Paper

X-ACTO Designer Craft Knife

Snap Off Utility Knife

WM Armory – Making a Blade Edge


Fabric on Demand

1-2-3 Blocks

Hammered Metal Foam Armor Video

3m Respirator

Clear Lite

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