Prop: Shop – Destiny Festival of the Lost Paper Masks

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Join Bill and Britt in the shop as they cut out and assemble their own Destiny paper masks!

Get your mask files here

Learn more about Paper Craft here

Easiest way to print the masks and also if you don’t have a printer:
Put PDF on memory stick, go to local print store, like FedEx. Print on 11″x17″ cover stock paper.

Small Mask:
Scale to Fit normal printer paper size (8.5″x11″) for a small version of mask.

How to print full size mask on letter sized paper (8.5″x11″):
Video tutorial
– Open PDF with Adobe Reader
– Select “File”, “Print”
– Under “Page Sizing & Handling”, select “Poster.” This will split up the 11×17 pages for you.
– At 100%, you will have to put four pages back together. For the Speaker Mask, we changed the “Tile Scale” to 97%, so each page will only be split between two pages, instead of four (less work, and less paper!). For the other masks, you may need to play with the “Tile Scale” percentage.
– Select “Print”
– Trim off the white border on each of the pages that needs to be reattached
– Take two pages that need to be attached and add tape to the back of one of the pages. Make sure part of the tape is exposed to attach the other paper.
– Line up the second page to the page with the tape and press the second page into place.

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