Prop: Live – Q&A with Fabricator Djinn – 11/25/2015

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Punished Props’ special cosplay guest this week is Fabricator Djinn! Bill and Caleb answer questions about riveting straps, PVC Foam, vacuum forming, armor templates, personal motivation, flexible paint, convention panels, helmet supports, and more!

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Fabricator Djinn
Fabricator Djinn on Facebook

Prop: Shop – How to Make a Vacuum Forming Machine

Prop: 3D – Star Wars Style Vacuum Formed Visor


PVC Foam (Sintra)

Fabricator Djinn’s Sintra Tutorial


Pepakura Designer

Heat Gun

Apoxie Sculpt

Angelus Leather Paint

Rub n’ Buff

2mm Craft Foam

Super Glue

5-minute Epoxy

Fiberglass Cloth

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