Prop: Live – Q&A with SoloRoboto Industries – 3/10/2016

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Costume and prop Q&A with Punished Props and SoloRoboto Industries! Bill and Steve answer questions about bubbles, business, sanding foam angles, Patreon experiences, flexible paint additives, two part molds, cosplay handlers, lighting large props, and more!

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Questions from the Show:

Occham Razor
Can you use a vibrating rig to get rid of bubbles in casts and molds?
Is the viscosity (of silicone and resin) in the right range to work with vibrations?
I’m thinking of using a small powerful electric motor with a slight 0,5 mm excenter.

Ken (B.A.K. Props)
I’m thinking of starting up a prop making business. I was just wondering what problems you had when you started and how you overcame them.

Terry Lyons
I’m reporting back with the results of the homework you gave me last week when I asked if you could dye leather with an airbrush.
I used Angelus Leather Dye straight from the bottle in a single-action spray gun on some scrap veg-tanned leather. I got some really nice, even results after 3-4 coats and some buffing with a cloth. I’m planning on using this technique to dye the leather for the scabbards I’m making.

I’m making a prop lasgun to go with a costume for an upcoming con, and I’m a bit of a cosplay noob, but I’m willing to learn.
In your experience, which method gives the most realistic looking results? 3D printing, EVA foam or molding and casting?

Do you have any tips on making a piece of foam armor that tapers to a thin edge? Instead of a 45° bevel, a slope maybe 2 inches long?

Fearless Facade
Hey guys! You both have experience with Patreon. I’m interested in starting one once my exposure grows and gain a larger audience to my work.
What would you say the pros and cons have been for your experience with Patreon and would you recommend I start one?

Question 1: I’m working on a foam helmet and I don’t know if I should use krylon or acrylics. The helmet doesn’t flex much, but it does a little when putting it on.
I don’t know if I should risk cracks with krylon. Any suggestions?

Question 2: I have a foam gun sandwich, three layers of eva foam. I want to use contact cement to put them together but I’m afraid of them not lining up properly. Should I use a different glue or put them together while the contact cement is wet and align the pieces?

What do you do with your used plastic mixing containers? Do you reuse the containers after the resin sets and pop it out? How about resin/silicone that’s not well mixed and isn’t curing completely?

Nick at Modulus Props
Does urethane resin outgas while curing? It looks like Steven uses a respirator while slush casting large pieces. I never notice any strong odors, but I suppose there could still be noxious fumes present.

Dungeoneering Duo
We’re looking to make a silicone two-part mold (our first) for a pair of bat style wings and would like to know your thoughts on the best method to make said mold.

Death and Gravity Cosplay
I am building Taniks, the Scarred from Destiny. I am trying to build his robotic arms from PEX tubing. What is the best way to widen and flatten out the tubing so I can wrap it around my arm?

Korium9 Creations Center
After hearing stories from other cosplayers, a friend wants to create a group of Cosplay Guardians. His intent is along the lines of an extra layer of personal defense to
enforce “Cosplay is not consent.” What are your thoughts on this?

I’m making Magik’s sword (from the X-Men). I’d like the sword to light up, but because of it’s size, I think it will need to be hollow, maybe like a light box? Do you have any suggestions/tips/ideas for how to go about it?

N2 Cosplay
Question 1: What should I use for large thin flat props that will have a smooth finish? I’m making a giant golden sword and trying to avoid fiber glass.

Question 2: What foam should I use for making giant hulk-like muscles that can be covered in fur and what should I use for the structure under the muscle foam? I’m making an 8ft tall demon and need something light but still shows definition.

I’ve noticed a bunch of Youtube makers starting Twitch streams, (Evil Ted, Artyfakes, and Iliketomakestuff) and I was wondering what it takes to get set up for hosting a Twitch stream?
What cameras & software do you use?