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Everything you need to know to start slush casting your own masks and helmets. The basics are super easy with a ton of potential for all kinds of advanced techniques as your skill improves.

A pair of Skyrim Dragon Priest masks that were made using slush casting.

A pair of Skyrim Dragon Priest masks that were made using slush casting.

Slush Casting Made Easy

Slush casting is an essential tool with making copies of masks and helmets out of a mold for your costume projects. These techniques allow you to transform a liquid urethane resin into a thin, rigid shell in the shape of your final product that can be work on your face or head. The same techniques can be used to create copies of large, hollow, lightweight shells for your favorite cosplay.

Like most advanced costume and prop making techniques, slush casting has a certain back to it that can only be learned after several attempts. The video above is a perfect starting point to learn the basics, but keep in mind that you’ll need to give it a go yourself to really “get it”. Don’t get discouraged by any failures, I know I’ve had many. Each attempt is another step towards creating that perfect mask or helmet prop!

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