Custom Printed Undersuit

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You guys were really interested in how I got my custom Destiny Titan undersuit made, so here’s the rundown:

  1. I bought the Jalie 3135 skinsuit PDF pattern. I pieced it all together in Photoshop to use as a template for drawing my own pattern. You can check out Jalie patterns here. The one I used may no longer be available.
  2. I spent a full day in Photoshop drawing my under suit. I made sure there was a good texture to base it on and tried my best to line the body features up with the Jalie pattern.
  3. I sent my drawn pattern at 300 dpi to Fabric on Demand to have it printed. They have a “Superhero Lycra Suit” package for this exact type of project. Yes. It’s like $150, so save your pennies. They printed it and sent it to me and I got a full, printed sheet in the mail!
  4. I commissioned a seamstress friend of mine to sew up my super expensive cloth (I can’t be trusted with a sewing machine). This body suit is AWESOME. For real, I’ll probably use this option for most of my suits going forward.