Prop: Live From The Shop – Casting with Sparkles and Powders

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Britt casts Hearthstone symbols with glow powder, metal powder, and sparkles! The Punished Props shop is now contaminated with glitter.

The resin trapped air bubbles under the large glitter pieces. Next time, I’ll try and tap out more of the loose glitter before pouring.¬†Plus, I forgot to tap the mold after pouring, which may have helped free the air bubbles. I also want to try this technique with Smooth-Cast 325. That resin is designed to stay the color of the tint you add, since the resin normally cures transparent (instead of curing white, like Smooth-Cast 300).


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Molding and Casting Videos

Cold Casting with Metal Powder

Casting with Colored Tints

Materials Used:

Smooth-Cast 300

Plastic Transfer Pipettes

Tri-Corner Beaker Cups

Tap Plastic Paper Cups

Dust Mask

Mold Release


So-Strong Tints

Fluroscent Pigment

GlowWorm Powder

Compleat Sculptor Powders

Steel Wool

Metal Polish

Traditional Green Patinas

5-Minute Epoxy

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