Prop: Live – Q&A with Henchmen Props – 5/26/2016

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Punished Props is joined by the skilled prop maker Henchmen Props! Bill and Jordan answer questions about Overwatch Props, bondo, sculpting, leatherworking, borderlands shading, streaming, electronic placements, progress pictures, critter guns, visors, and more!

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Questions from the Show:

I’m having trouble using some bondo that I purchased the other day at home-depot. I mixed appropriately and thoroughly, applying it to my helmet. I left it overnight and came back to it this morning to find it cured but still ever so slightly tacky. It is difficult to sand because of this and my best efforts have been wasted. Can you shed some light on this problem?

Fearless Facade
Question for Jordan: His Overwatch Reaper Mask is outstanding.Was is originally hand sculpted? If so, how long did it take as a project from start to finish? Cheers!

Prop-makers use their hands a lot. I also imagine most of us spend an incredible amount of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer.
What ways do you keep those precious things at the end of our arms from developing things like carpal tunnel & repetitive stress syndrome?

What kind of tools/techniques does one need for working with leather? I have been really interested in working with leather but have no idea where to start.

I want to cosplay as Handsome Jack but I have a hard time making his jacket. How can you obtain a borderlands-ish finish?

What is your experience with a helmet or mask with a fabric covering? I am looking at Deadpool’s helmet for inspiration and I am wondering if it’s just making a pattern and gluing it on or is there something more involved you have to do?

I’ve just started streaming and would love to know how you manage to download the chat as well as the video for your youtube version.

Revolt Cosplay
I’m starting a Yellow Lantern Scarecrow and I want to make a scythe out of yellow acrylic to emulate the yellow light construct. I plan on cutting the blade from a yellow acrylic sheet and attach it to a 4ft yellow acrylic rod. What is a good way to attach this without taking away from the translucent look of the prop?

Lee (from Blizzcon, since there are apparently lots of Lees)
What are some good tips/pointers on non-electronic aspects of lighting a costume? I see a ton of wiring tutorials but very few on how to plan for where to put the batteries/access panels, or how to plan for where you’ll put the holes/materials the lights will shine through.
I’ll be using acrylic with eva foam, I’m not sure if i should add the acrylic now and just tape it off when i seal the foam, or wait until the foam is sealed then add it? What kind of things should i keep in mind when it comes to access panels? Size? Location? How to open/close? Etc.

I find that when I’m in the shop I get in the zone and, at the end of the day, I have a cool thing but no pictures of the process and can’t think of anything to write about. How do you remember to take pictures or write good WIPs?

I’ve noticed that Evil Ted uses his critter gun a lot to spray latex and I believe I’ve seen you use one too. I’ve used a standard hvlp gun to spray super thick goo (contact cement) but I was
wondering what the pros and cons of the critter gun are?

Markus D
Question 1: How would I get rid of seams on 2mm foam? I made a Jason Todd helmet out of 2mm foam and I’m a little hesitant to use my rotary tool on it out of fear of ripping the mask. Any tips?
Question 2: Do you have any tips for casting a ring? I made a ring out of worbla and I want to make copies for a few commissions.

With the awesomeness that is CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, I’ve decided to make a winter soldier cosplay. My main question is about the arm. I’m trying to figure out if I should try latex or worbla. I would prefer a fully functional and covered arm, but I don’t know if latex will give that type of detail. How would you do this?

Hey! This is Steve From Create Cosplay. I have a question regarding visors. I am making a series of Power Ranger helmets and want to know what you would use for the visor. I was debating buying a motorcycle visor (lil pricey) but would love it if you had any ideas?

Hello, in your “how to create stunning eva foam bevels” video I have seen you use all the power tools and machines, but If I were to only get ONE, which would be the best to get perfect clean bevels and use as an alternative to cutting out large shapes (2ft by 2ft) as opposed
to using a knife?

How do you decide on what costume to start next? i.e. theme, color, small/large build and so on?

Dungeoneering Duo
I need some advice on making McCree’s revolver out of foam. I have this much done and I’m unsure how to proceed with building up the foam to where I want it.

What is a good temperature for shaping foam if you have an adjustable heat gun?

I am working on a X wing pilot helmet and have done several changes/improvements to a half of the abs kit I have bought.
I can’t figure out how to replicate the exact same physical changes to the other half. I will make a silicone mold on the improved half to create a new mother mold for vacuum form, but I would like to replicate the same symmetry to the other half without using cnc or computer 3D stuff.

I’m thinking of making a Dr. Fate helmet out of eva foam and then cold casting it to get metallic shine. I saw your video saying that molding from EVA is really tough, any suggestions to get the look I’m aiming for?

Have you ever tested a (razor-edge) band knife on your bandsaw? If so, what’s your opinion on the longevity vs. finished cut in contrast to your X-number TPI blade(s)? I’d like to think a straight-edge band knife is far superior due to the cleanest cut possible – as there are no teeth – and that it can be sharpened very easily.

I’m cosplaying as Guts from Berserk and I’m having trouble making the Dragonslayer sword. I’ve decided on making it hollow with a wooden spine that doubles as the handle, do you have any tips on the rest?

I almost always see you cast things in resin. Do you have any advice about casting silicone parts?