Prop: Live – Q&A with Kamui Cosplay – 8/17/2016

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Punished Props is joined by Kamui Cosplay! Svetlana and Benni answer questions about future conventions, making Benni wear costumes, Zelda the corgi, Fallout props, sewing patterns, visors, painting techniques, sealing foam, templates, spouse conflicts, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Josh Apato
Question 1: Kamui, I’m really looking forwards to seeing you and Benni again at SLCC in a few weeks. Will you be bringing your books again and what costumes, if any? Or is it a surprise
Question 2: Svetlana, What would it take for Benni and you to do a couples cosplay?
Question 3: When did you notice the biggest jump in your skill at crafting and how did it come about?

Fearless Facade
Question for Benni and Svetlana: Do you plan on making anything else from Fallout 4? And thanks for posting the rust tutorial a while back, it made my T60 Power Armour helmet so much better as a result.
Question for Zelda: Will you always be wearing matching cosplays now that you’re part of the Kamui Cosplay family?

Question 1: When making a new costume, how do you figure out sewing patterns for it? Do you improvise? or use existing patterns? I’m making the final fantasy 14 summoner cloak and would like to know the process.
Question 2: How did you meet Zelda? Btw love her instagram.

How would one go about making a black visor shield for a helmet?

Svetlana, who does more of the painting? you or your hubby?

When it comes to painting props and painting in general, are you more self taught or do you have some formal art experience, like classes?

I am making a set of medieval plate armor using floor mat. The floor mats tend to have an obvious thickness on the edges. What are some methods to make the pieces look thinner?

When making a prop with different references, how do you decide which to choose for accuracy?

After using Angelus leather paints, what do you use, or what would you suggest, to seal everything so the paint doesn’t chip away after the final coat?

What’s Kamui Cosplay’s top #1 foam sealant? And are they going to be at the Gamescom this Sunday?

What is your favourite method for sealing foam before the paint job (Plasti Dip, latex, etc..) and after (clear Plasti Dip, clear acrylic…)? PS: You are super amazing

For both Svetlana/Benni and Bill/Brit. Do you ever run into any conflict working with your spouse? Is one partner ‘pickier’ than the other on how the final product looks, and if so how do you address the issues? Does each person work on particular tasks?

One of my dreams is to attend Dragon Con, and I’m so intimidated by the booking process. Do you have any advice for a newcomer to Dragon Con? I won’t be attending this year but I’d love to plan for next year! As Dragon Con vets, what can you recommend?

Is there any effective way, for us as a community to help out with you being able to travel and meeting us more? And if yes, how so?

What is the paint masking vinyl you use, and where do you get it? My vinyl supplier has a low-tack masking vinyl but it’s ridiculously expensive compared to regular vinyl.

Mike from What You See Here
I’ve been playing with different contact cements as we can’t get Barge here in Scotland. I want to know how you guys feel about solvent free cements and if you’ve used them. Do you think they are just as good as regular (deadly vapor) cements?

Dominik from Raccoon Replica
Question 1: Wrapping up things with Worbla seems so inefficient sometimes. Is there a specific reason why Svetlana tends to wrap things up with it?
Question 2: Also, what is the deal with all the corgis among makers? Do they give +20 on crafting rolls? I need to know!