The Ultimate Guide to Sealing Foam Props and Costumes

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One of the foamsmithing questions we get the most is “what’s the best way to seal my foam props and armor?” The truth is that there’s no one best way. We do have some favorites, but they’re unique to what we have available to us and our skill/tool set. In this video we go over all of the basic methods, and some more advanced ones, so that you have a good starting point for your own experimentation.

 CostDrying/Curing TimesEase of UseFlexabilityEase of PaintingSanding
Angelus Acrylic Paints4oz Bottle – $4 – $8ShortEasyGoodEasyDecent
Krylon Fusion Spray Paint12oz Can – $8 – $12ShortEasyBadEasyGood
Mod Podge16oz Bottle – $8ShortEasyFairEasyDecent
Flexbond16oz Bottle – $22 + ShippingModerateEasyGoodEasyDecent
Wood Glue16oz Bottle – $7ShortEasyBadEasyGood
Latex Rubber
Poly Latex 60
32oz Bottle – $40 + ShippingShortModerateGreatChallengingBad
Neoprene Rubber
Creature Cast
128oz Jug – $56 + ShippingShortModerateGoodEasyGood
Flexi/PlastiDip11oz Can – $10ShortEasyFairEasyBad
Epsilon Pro16oz Kit – $22LongChallengingGoodEasyGood
XTC 3D24oz Kit – $25ModerateChallengingFairEasyGood
Smooth Cast 30032oz Kit – $26ShortChallengingBadEasyGood
UreCoat~10oz Kit – $15LongChallengingGreatNigh ImpossibleBad


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