Prop: Live – Q&A with The Armored Garage – 12/8/2016

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Randy gives us a tour of his awesome Armorsmith Designer program! Then, Bill and Randy talk about getting started in cosplay, fixing foam gouges, painting latex, scaling armor and weapons, Emerald City ComicCon cosplay plans, and more! Randy also talks about the cool and upcoming features for Armorsmith Designer.

The Armored Garage
Armorsmith Designer
Armorsmith Designer – Feature Overview

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Questions from the Show:

I have started drawing blueprint in inkscape and I was wondering how to
cut them when they don’t fit on one page, like your Skyrim blueprint.

Gregory Mckim
What got you interested in all of this? Because you guys got me interested, lol.

iamninjamoose aka Mat
Are there any plans to release plans/blueprints of the space gun you guys ran on kickstarter?

I have a question for Randy: Do you know my dad?

Question 1: Does Armored Garage save avatar profiles, so that we can quickly
transfer between different body builds?
Question 2: I’m experimenting for a cheaper alternative to Poly Latex 60 when it comes to painting foam props. So far I’ve had success with a mixture of plain PVA glue and basic acrylic paint, however the mixture remains tacky, even up to a week after application. What durable but flexible clear coat would you recommend to apply over the tacky glue/paint surface? (I’m afraid that any old rattle can clear coat would crack if the prop was flexed.)
Question 3: The other day I was sanding a beveled edge onto a foam sword I am making for a friend for Christmas. Unfortunately I became overzealous with the disc/belt sander and gouged a wide notch into the blade’s broadside. Unlike other dense materials, such as wood, there is no filler or spot putty to fix boo-boos. How have you dealt with “happy accidents” with EVA foam?

Can armorsmith make fabric patterns?

Triell Freschi
Now that we are looking at this new tool, could you share some good resources to get some files to play around with before trying to create our own things?

Team Fett
Ok Bill, I’m a believer in latex sealed foam. You have a couple of videos about rubber cement paint. I haven’t seen any more. How are you painting your latex? What is the most efficient way to paint the latex?

For Armorsmith Designer, can I import a weapon to scale it for my body size?

Could Armorsmith be used to scale an oversized set like say a Space Marine power armor from Warhammer 40k or Reinhardt from Overwatch?

Hidden talent check! (Yes, going to ask this every other time there’s guest). For Armorsmith Designer, are there some good tutorials that can be recommended? (What is the best way to go about making an accurate avatar?)