Prop: Live – Q&A with Jackie Craft – 1/19/2017

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Jackie Craft Cosplay joins us on this Q&A episode! Bill and Jackie answer questions about light diffusion, weathering colors, transparent Worbla, shoulder armor, heat guns, cloth distressing, upholstery foam, fabrics, and more!

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Questions from the Show:

My armor has thin veins of light in it, what should I use to defuse the light?

What are your favorite colors of acrylics except for black that you like to use for weathering? Which kind of “dirt” does each of those represent?

Velissa Stone
Do you know if it’s possible to tint transparent worbla with those stained glass spray paints? I’d prefer to use paint over dying the material. I basically want red screens so when I put an LED behind it has a nice tint to it.

Questions for Jackie; How’s the Pharah build going? & What conventions are you planning to attend this year?

Question 1: How would I go about patterning and constructing the New 52 Hal Jordan Green Lantern pauldrons?
Question 2: I’m not having any luck finding a spray paint to match the Green Lantern color in hardware stores. Is there another or option to better match the color?

Is the thing to the left of the mechanistic helmet on your table a new 3d printer??

Hair dryers are not a sufficient substitute for heat guns. While that makes sense when I say it, I don’t know the reason why. Think you can give me the reason why? My next prop needs to be heat shaped but I haven’t bought a heat gun yet.

I am working on a Kingdom Hearts Darkside costume. What material would be best for the head tendrils?

Leebraham Cosplay
What was your Blizzcon experience like? Is it worth a cross-country trip?

Peter J
I’m looking to “mass” produce a deck box for MTG. It has a few larger voids and most of the walls are thin (2mm). I think doing a silicone mold and casting it would be the best option, but I’m worried the walls might break when I try to take it out of the mold. Do you know of any ways to help prevent this? Or a better way of producing them?

Tekton Props
Do you know of any good ways to weather fabric to look older, or as if it has mud or burnt carbon on similar to armor?

Adam S.
I am 3D printing a rolling BB-8. What would you recommend to seal and protect 3D prints from heavy abrasion?

Question 1: I have a bunch of soft foam, like the standard yellow sponge. I was wondering if you’ve had any experience working with the stuff.
Also, what would you make if you suddenly found yourself in possession of a small mountain of sponge foam?
Question 2: I want to add latex to soft sponge foam, how do you add pigment to your latex?

I’m using white TNT Cosplay Supply foam, and need to seal it from stains and smudges it might acquire while at a con since I’m not painting it. What would you recommend for a sealant, that keeps the foam flexible, and dries clear, preferably with a matte or semi gloss finish? I’ve been looking at using flexbond, good choice?

Question 1: I am working on the flash armor from the new justice League movie (Eva foam) i am thinking in use latex to seal the foam this time instead of pastidip, what other options besides polylatex are around to maintain the flexibility of the foam? Any kind of liquid latex that would do the job?
Question 2: Have Jackie or you used Yaya Han fabrics before ? If so , what do you think about the carbon fiber fabric? It’s good to use it for a whole undersuit or just for specific places?

Habiteer Workshop
I’m getting a CNC machine and was wondering if you could recommended any software or tutorials?

Astartes Michael
I’m looking to attach a cloth covered ventilation “arm sleeve” to a rotating mount. I have about a quarter inch of space and I’m trying to find a way to snap or clip it in place, but I don’t have a 3D printer to make one. Thoughts? Can link pic if needed.

What is the best path for a novice learning fabric and leather for Costumes? i.e. sewing books, youtube tutorials, blogs etc…

I’m working on a Borderlands jakobs pistol.How should I make the diamond pattern on the handle?

Is there a good or decent type of paint, that would be best to use on hands when required for a cosplay? Something that would not rub off easily.

I’m starting to cast a lot of resin masks. Do you know what type of filler I should be using is my mask?

Otherworld Cosplay
I am teaching a class on prop making using Worbla in a couple weeks. Do you have any tips for working with worbla for beginners?

What is the best way to attach foam to fabric?? Should I saw it on or glue it? or is there another way? (For armor)