Prop: Live – Q&A with the 3D Printing Nerd – 10/5/2017

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The 3D Printing Nerd has invaded the Punished Props shop! Bill and Joel answer questions about… 3D Printing! Cheap printers, ABS versus PLA, nozzles, favorite printers, finishing printed parts, beginner projects for kids, and more!


For more 3D Printer questions, check out Joel’s Channel! He’s tried out so many printer brands and filaments.
The 3D Printing Nerd

Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

How does someone handle this much awesomeness? Hint Hint you guys are awesome up the wazooo

Doublebombprops (Brian)
How important to you is the build size of a printer? I have a Prusa MK2 and for my 2nd printer I was looking at going big (G-max or getting spendy on the N2+) but then Prusa decides to debut what looks to be the smartest consumer printer ever last week…

Joshua Piuti
What are some good starter printers that are easy to get your hands on for cheap?

Brian Smeets
Bill, in your finishing process for the tank trooper helmet, you started using Acryl-green spot putty instead of Bondo spot and glazing putty that you have used in the past. I was wondering why you made the switch? Does Acryl fill in wider gaps?

Magically Dunn Creations
Got a 3D printer (finally) and had a question about software. Just starting out so will be experimenting with D&D minis first. I know you have mentioned CAD and Blender. What would you suggest to use for making my own models for printing?

Getting my first 3D printer from Kickstarter, the Cubibot, and not sure what filament would be best to use–PLA or ABS? This thing can apparently use any type but since I would be using this for props and some D&D minis figure, I would ask the experts that have been working with these for some time.

Matthew Davis
The school/museum/prop fabrication-restoration shop I work for is looking for a good all around 3D printer with a budget of approximately $5000. Any suggestions?

Habiteer Workshop
I’m thinking about setting up a table at an upcoming Houston makerfaire, do you have any tips for 1st timers at maker faires? I mostly sell 3D printed props and cosplay stuff so not sure what I should bring, how i should setup, etc etc.

I wanted to ask about printing flexible materials and how some extruders like the Bondtech BMG might dominate because of how they have a PTFE liner that extend the entire length of the extruder with a window of the tube drilled away for the hobb BUT my Taz6 recommends something like its native Flexystruder…should i stick brand to brand or make the hop?

Jazz (Vulkan Designs)
Question 1: I have started to experiment with bigger extruder nozzle sizes. My question is, Is there a good Nozzle size to print resolution middle ground where you can print a medium or large prop piece with decent detail?
Question 2: XTC-3D and sanding, or Filler Primer and sanding for days? Which do you feel yields a better end result?

In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about 3D printing?
Are 3D printers ready for the “average consumer”? Prices are dropping, but the hardware still seems fickle and requires a specific skill set to use/maintain.
Apple, Microsoft or Google, who will be the first to sell 3D printers? Who should be the first?

Question 1: What is your favorite way to finish a 3-d printed item?
Question 2: How many high fives did Joel get at maker fair?

If you are making a prop how do you make sure that it doesn’t break if it is super heavy?

What’s your current go to PLA filament to use?

Loth Cat Props (Jake)
Will either of you be purchasing or receiving a Prusa i3 mk3?

Artobot ( aka Steve )
I’ve been printing with TPU but getting a lot of bubbles, any tips?

Hidden talent check!

Kristy from TheHonestCosplayer
I just inherited a 3D printer for my high school cosplay class. What are some great starter projects for kids (and a teacher/cosplayer) to learn the basics of 3D printing or modeling?

Dvan (Its said as D-van)
Could the Anet A8 print a basic prop as in a sword? In parts of course.

I am looking to buy my first 3D printer and I was wondering if the Ultimaker original plus a good printer for a beginner or should I look to another printer first?

I have a Robo R1 and I saw some R1’s online that had an extended height mod on it. How would I achieve this?

Question 1: When do you think you will start painting your Takagi M2019 Water Blaster?
Question 2: I’ve never done a mold before. Do you think that water gun would produce a good mold? Any recommendations for having a successful end product?

Ethan D
When commissioning a 3D prop for cosplay/display what kind of quality do you think is acceptable? IE; i just got a print done but there were z banding issues, layer adhesion issues, under extrusion issues and even warping. I know that I can easily sand, fill, etc the parts (was all printed at 0.2mm) but at what point should be considered too much?

Thomas Piccione
I have seen micromesh (superfine sanding pads) used to polish resin. Would it work for finishing 3d printed parts?

At what point is it more cost effective to outsource 3D Printing? Is it the frequency of printing something, or the cost of buying a printer and learning to use it?

RedBird Props
HOW happy were you to finally get to shave your Old Man Logan beard.