Blade Runner Squirt Gun Repaint – HOW TO – Tutorial

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Thanks to an incredibly generous fan, Bill got his hands on one of the amazing Blade Runner Squirt gun toys! Of course he had to repaint it to like a screen worthy replica.

Fullcock Takagi Type M2019 WaterBlaster Clear Black
Sold Out as of October 2017

Yes, the company is called “Fullcock”

Squirt Gun Reference Photos

Adam Savage’s Blade Runner Gun Collection – Tested Video

The Original Blade Runner Blaster Prop – Tested Video

Tools & Materials

Masking Fluid – Amazon

Needle Files – Amazon

Scotch Brite Pad – Amazon

Fine Steel Wool – Amazon

Painters Tape – Amazon

Tamiya Tape – Amazon

Testors Lacquer Primer

6001 Respirator Filter – Amazon

Quick Latch Respirator – Amazon

Tamiya Paints

Gloss Clear Lacquer – Amazon

Airbrush/Compressor Kit – Amazon

Badger 200 Airbrush – Amazon

Plastic Wrap – Amazon

Testors Metalizer Sealer

Pigment Powders – Amazon

Run ’n Buff Silver Leaf – Amazon

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