Prop: Live – Q&A with Bill and Britt – Post BlizzCon – 11/10/2017

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The Punished Props team is back from BlizzCon! Bill and Britt talk about their convention adventures, future plans for Punished Props, and then answer questions about 3D printing, airbrushing, silicone molding, resin casting, and more!


Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Colt Hack
How do you go from making props as a hobby to making a living from it? What advice could you give a hobbyist maker to take the next step?

Now that you have made the switch from PLA to ABS for 3D printing, can you ever see yourself going back? Is there a noticeable reduction in sanding time with ABS or is it more to prevent melting?

Matt Smith *not a Time Lord
Have you tried any of the Oilbrushers from Mig Jiminez? Kinda spendy for the amount you get, but they look super convenient for the amount of oil paint I’d ever use in a lifetime.

What air compressors do you use? For airbrushing, what PSI do you recommend and what
would be the best thinning ratio?

Hollywood’s Rose
I was inspired by your steel horned helmet and I’ve designed and carved my own horn out of foam. I wanted to mold and slush cast it, but I’m not sure what kind of mold to make: one part and cut, two part, or brush on. I see pros and cons to each and I was curious to hear what you think.

Chuel cosplay
Any convention outside USA you want to attend someday? (Or country in cosplay)

Level Up Your Fandom
Can you make a silicone mold on top of a fully painted and finished master? does it affect the paint at all? Are there things you need to do to the top coat of the master to prevent issues with the finished paint?

Wayne’s Workshop
I’ve started making tutorials again on youtube and this time taking your advice on the weekly releasing of content. I’m trying to cover multiple things from 3d game models, to foam and electronic stuff like smoke machines. I’m finding it difficult to spread my content to the “masses” so to say. How was it for you in the beginning in trying to grow your channel and pulling in audience to your channel?

Question 1: What is the best resin for making clear gems without a pressure pot?
Question 2: Where do you get your black upholstery foam for use in foam armor and helmets? Everywhere around me only sells green or white.