Prop: Live – Q&A with Jackie Craft Cosplay – 11/17/2017

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Prop and costume Q&A with Jackie Craft Cosplay! Bill and Jackie answer questions about foam templates, buying fabric online, working in the prop and costume industry, shiny finishes, collaborations, and more!


Jackie Craft Cosplay
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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

What online resources would you suggest for buying cloth materials?

Egg Sisters
1 – If you did a collaboration with the Eggs, what would you want to do?
2 – How would you feel about making a Megazord that actually stacks cosplayers
together? (asking for a friend)
3 – What is the weirdest commission request you have received?

Sam – BioCosplay
Jackie, what is your current preferred method for sealing foam?

Question 1: What advice would you give to someone if they were trying to get into a studio for building props and costumes?
Question 2: When creating a mold how would you go about creating a plug for that mold or when molding a barrel and need the details inside the barrel?

Jackie, you’ve mentioned Cosplay Melee and worked with maker friends from the show. Have you considered being contestant or judge for a show like that?

I know your costume can be ruined if left in a hot car, but have you ever had a problem with leaving a costume in a cold car?

Have you ever modeled something in Fusion 360 and then unfolded it to create a foam pattern?
I have heard of using Pepakura to unfold, but could the Fusion 360 sheet metal function work?

How do I get a super shiny real looking metal finish on my props? Whenever I use spray paint it looks good, just not shiny or reflective.

Who is Jackie’s dream guest for Craft & Geek excluding Adam Savage? 😉

Nic Neidenbach
What sort of criteria do you use to decide if you’re going to sell a pattern or offer it up for sale?

Cosplayers are often in danger of hoarding — Do you guys have a moment where you were thankful you kept something against all instinct to get rid of it?

I’m working on an Imperius (archangel from Diablo III) build and would love to do his wings. I have some ideas but was curious what your thoughts on tackling crazy glowy fire wings would be.

You two have each accomplished a ton of incredible builds so far in your cosplay adventures. But what’s the #1 technique that you haven’t yet attempted that you really, really want to try on a future build?

What was the most challenging costume you have ever made and why?
What was the easiest costume you have ever made and why?