Prop: Live – Q&A with Hoku Props – 12/7/2017

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Prop and Costume Q&A with Hoku Props! Bill and Chad answer questions about resin colorants, Zbrush, checkering details, 3D Printing, lifecasting, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Nathan Alford
Can you add too much tint to resin?

RedBird Props
I LOVE Sculptris and think I would really like Zbrush too.
Question 1:
Could Chad talk a little about his experience with Zbrush?
Question 2:
Does Chad have any words for someone who is looking at learning programs like Zbrush and isn’t sure where to start?

I designed a DH-17 blaster pistol from Star Wars in Fusion 360 and was having trouble with the tiny nubs on the grip (and was worried about them printing well).
Do you know any kind of textured adhesive that I could use for the grips instead?

With Christmas on the horizon and one feeling like one should treat one’s self, I’m in the market for a 3D printer, and would like your advice.
Question 1: Delta printer or not delta?
Question 2: How important is a Heated print bed?

Francisco V.
Do you glue your EVA foam together before, or after, sanding and shaping?

I recently purchased an antique fire insurance mark, which is a painted cast iron plaque. I want to mold and cast it to make a few gifts, but am unsure what methods would be safe to use on the old paint while also not breaking the bank.

Matej (j is silent)
What can you tell me about 3D Print pens? Are they useful? I’m thinking of using one for filling “air bubble” holes in ABS moulds.

Question 1: How much Body Double SILK silicone do I need to create a full head mold?
Question 2: What plaster do you recommend to use to make the head mold?

Question 1: Requisite hidden talent check for the guest!
Question 2: It’s that gift-giving season. Being makers, how do you balance/decide between just buying gifts and crafting gifts?

Could you recommend a cheap resin for beginners? I’m looking for the foamsmithing equivalent of cardboard.

How do you find the time to not only make amazing props and armor, but have the time to sew your costumes as well? I always find run out of time on my cosplays and have to rush either sewing or armor.

Have you printed anything else with the Anet A8 after the one helmet? And have you encountered any problems you haven’t mentioned in videos?

For Medieval chest armour, would you recommend 5mm or 10mm thickness EVA foam?.

Do you feel 3D printing is the future of cosplay, or just another tool in the workshop?

Are you a part of the warcraft group costume build that Zack has been illustrating? Tell me more!