Blade Runner Blaster RAC Props Kit vs. Squirt Gun Repaint

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A year or two ago, I got my hands on this really great RAC Props Blade Runner blaster kit from a friend of mine. I’ve been jonesing to get it built and with the release of the new Blade Runner 2049 movie, I had a good excuse. It took me 3-4 days of work, but the whole thing came together in a three part video series.

A while back I repainted one of the Blade Runner blaster squirt guns. This was an equally fun challenge and of course I put together a video on that process.

I have since gone back and repainted the “metal parts of the squirt gun with Alclad stainless steel; the same paint I used on the resin parts of the RAC kit. Aside from the incredibly different shade of orange on the grips, the two guns look amazingly similar. Kudos to whomever designed the squirt gun, it’s legit. Here’s some side by side shots of the two props for your enjoyment.