Prop: Live – Q&A with Cosplay Chris – 12/28/2017

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Cosplay Chris joins us on this week’s prop and costume Q&A! Bill and Chris answer questions about supply stores in Australia, favorite airbrushes, future projects, traveling with costumes, advice for beginner makers, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Question 1: Chris, do you have any pets, and what are their names?
Question 2: Chris, what are your favorite stores in Australia for maker supplies?

This one’s for Chris. Being a fellow Aussie, and unfortunately on a very limited budget, where would you recommend I buy the materials I need to start molding my own custom pieces?

The Honest Cosplayer (Kristy)
What is your go-to airbrush?…the airbrush you simply cannot live without.

What would be the best non-band saw way of cutting that thick of a block of laminated EVA foam (four pieces, for the Jade Rabbit build)? A coping saw came to mind, though not sure if the blade would be sturdy enough.

Question 1: What are your favorite types of things to make; props, whole costumes, helmets, armor or something else?
Question 2: Any new Star Wars builds coming up?

New goals for 2018? Also, how did this year’s goals go?

Do you get significant warping and delamination when printing large objects in ABS? If so, how do you mitigate the impact of this on your prop making?

Chris, what kind of case do you use when traveling with your cosplays?

Justin Stoddard
Hey Chris, if you remember me, sweet, I drew your wasteland batman a few months back!
I’m looking for some tips on filling using bondo for the first time. I have to fill small air bubbles from a resin scout pistol cast.

CosGamer 1138
What foam crafting techniques would work best for Halo armor?

Bill, I’ve been watching your youtube videos for years and I really want to get into foam building but it’s slightly overwhelming. What type of builds would you recommend a newbie starting with?

I am currently the VP of my Unis’ Cosplay Club and we have a huge influx of people who are beginner cosplayers and makers. what advice would you both give to any beginners?

Chris, where do you get the inspiration for the repaints you have done?

Question for Chris, what’s your local convention? Do you go to many throughout the year?

Chris, you coming to Supanova Melbourne? Can I meet you? I’m wearing my friend’s Warhammer suit, so I should be easy to spot.

This one’s for Chris and Bill. What is your favorite Cereal?