Prop: Live – Q&A with Carma Cosplay – 1/4/2018

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The Carma Cosplay duo joins Punished Props to chat about cosplay and answer maker questions. Emma, Carly, and Bill answer questions about plans for the new year, long distance cosplay collaborations, crafting in the winter, cosplay on the cheap, first costumes, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Ian Campbell
Just wondering if you have any new goals for 2018?

How in the world do you two coordinate your costumes SO well while living so far apart? What is your secret?!

What project of yours are you most proud of?

My husband and I live in an apartment and the only well ventilated areas are our spare bathroom and the currently -3 degrees outside. My husband is worried that the fan in our bathroom won’t be enough ventilation for barge cement and is concerned about it getting our cats sick. What are your suggestions for people with very limited space who still want to make things?

Question 1: Does anyone have any good tips for sourcing materials for your cosplay on the cheap? I usually raid the recycling bin. 😀
Question 2: Have you guys ever tried, or have any tips, for casting on a budget?

Nathan Alford
You use plasti dip to seal your foam; have you ever used Flex Seal in place of this or would that not work?

Any tips on airing out spray painted props to get rid of the smell?

Any plans on doing large scale foam props for upcoming costumes? Giant swords or anything like that?
Also, do you follow Adam Savage’s maker videos on Tested? He makes super helpful technique videos!

What are some things you wish you knew before you worked with foam for the first time?

How did you get started in making costumes? What were your first cosplays? And what advice would you have for kids wanting to start making costumes?

Is there any recommendation on repainting a foam prop? I rapidly painted some large pieces to make it to a con for my first cosplay. Or am I just best off just rebuilding them?

How many people should i have on hand to help with making my head life cast? I’m trying to gather up the people I need.

If you could have one superpower that’s only useful for cosplay, what would it be?