Prop: Live – Q&A with Woodwarder – 1/11/2018

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Woodwarder joins Punished Props on this episode of Prop: Live Q&A! David and Bill answer questions about large Reinhardt costumes, styrofoam, Mod Podge, creative blocks, favorite 3D printers, and more!

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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Question 1: What would you change about Reinhardt build process with the bonus of hindsight?
Question 2: Pancakes, waffles, or french toast?

Have you guys experimented with other formulas of Mod Podge (like the fabric one or the hard coat) for sealing foam? If so, is there a difference between those and the normal one? Or are some formulas more flexible?

What type of styrofoam do you recommend to carve guns and props out of and where could we get it from? I live in Georgia and have struggled to find the same type of styrofoam that other youtubers like Andrew DFT use.

Bill, I know you recently made your own enclosure with insulation foam. Would EVA foam serve the same purpose? I have plenty of that laying around.

Question 1: Sadly, the local maker space (Techshop) shut last November. Did you utilize any of their services, and do you know/have you found any replacements/substitutes?
Question 2: Hidden talent check!

Bill, where did you get your small flexible tripods for the camera you use on your workbench?

Otherworld Cosplay
What are some methods you use to get out of creative blocks or lacking building motivation?

Travis White
Which printer do you like best, the lulzbot or the ultimaker?

Dominick M
Which models of CR-10 do you use? There are various sizes available. If it’s one from gearbest do you have any insight on their mini cnc? (T8 I think is the model)

Colter Cole
Kamui Cosplay found a good translucent foam in Germany that looks amazing and shows LEDs even through paint and it looks almost like EVA foam. Do you know if such a thing exists in the US?

Anthony (UseR2006)
Hey guys! As someone starting their first armor (destiny titan) cosplay, which part do you start on for your build? (feet, arms, helm, chest etc)

RedBird Props
David, how do you go about breaking down HUGE complicated armor/props into patterns? I find I get intimidated and unsure how to take complex forms from 3D to 2D for pattern-making.

How did you design the stilts for the reinhardt cosplay?

What recommendations would you give for someone whose is of a heavier build so a armor doesn’t look overly bulky or weirdly scaled?

How often should i change my respirator cartridges? or what’s the average lifespan of them?
Also i finished my very first silicone mask 4 months ago and i was wonder if my respirator with 3M Multi-purpose p100 cartridges work?