Prop: Live – Q&A with Little Sparkz – 1/18/2018

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Little Sparkz Cosplay helps Bill answer the community’s questions about centaur costumes, BlizzCon, cosplay build times, flexible filament adhesives, sealing foam with a gloss finish, muscle suits, and more!


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Questions From the Show:

Question 1: Probably already asked, but: Centaur; How?
Question 2: Hidden talent check!

Dane At Prop Rocks
How do you create props so quickly? What are some of your techniques/suggestions? I don’t have a lot of time because of work, but I want to bang out lots of props in a short time and I find it difficult to do.

What is your favorite con to go to every year?

Have you ever slush cast with Smooth-on 325? I’m interested in making a mask with it to go for the clear look but not sure if it will work

Kevin Bley
I’ve come to love pattern welded metals in forged blades, and I’ve recently become aware of anodized timascus (pattern welded titanium). I’m curious if it’s even POSSIBLE to emulate this crazy, colorful pattern with painting, as well as how one would go about it?

When using flexible 3D printer filament, is it possible to do a print in multiple parts and assemble them with this type of filament? and if so what type of adhesive would you recommend?

Is backer rod (insulation) foam compatible with the EVA as far as finishing. I have split some 1/2″ and started to glue it around the bottom of a helmet and decided to ask first.

I recently had to move, and I lost a LOT of cosplays and cosplay supplies in the process — it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting them back any time soon. has anything happened like that to you guys? and what did you do?

With my first cosplay (Destiny Titan) I’m aiming to get a smooth/shiny finish when I paint my EVA foam and I am looking to keep things cheap and seal with FlexBond. My Question is what is the best way to sand/ how much sanding should I do?

I’m working on a metal gear rising Raiden costume, and I have no idea how to get the muscles you see on his sides. I want move easily in it and not be stiff, any ideas?

Loupegarou (LUPE GAH RUE)
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