Prop: Live – Q&A with Epoch Echo Cosworx – 1/25/2018

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This week, Prop: Live Q&A is joined by the amazing duo Epoch Echo Cosworx! Beverly and Heather answer prop and costume questions about their Hela and Valkyrie costumes, molding and casting supplies, commission pricing, favorite foam crafting tools, and more!

There are some technical issues in this live stream and we lost the last few minutes of the recording. Thank you for watching and we hope you still enjoyed the episode.


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Questions from the Show:

How many costumes will the four of you be bringing to ECCC? (Bill, Britt, Beverly and Heather)

Kristy, TheHonestCosplayer
I’ve been working on a queen xenomorph cosplay and I finally had a chance to try it on…but it turns out, the mantle I sculpted out of pink foam is too heavy (6.75 lbs). I need to engineer something to support the mantle on my shoulders and I have no idea where to start or what materials to use. I’d love to hear some ideas from the prop experts!

Any plans on a Valkyrie equivalent (or sub-division) of the Amazon Sisterhood?
Also, Hidden Talent check!

How do you price your commissions fairly for both you and your client? After pricing out material and shop fee (cups/brushes) I find myself lowering my hourly labor cost more and more just to make the price more appealing.

Beverly and Heather, how much resin, and epoxy do you use and how fast to you go through them?

After upgrading the mosfets on my A8 as advised, it heats up and just keeps getting hotter ignoring the 190c temperature target. Any suggestions? (Maybe the chat can help with this too.)

I am going to be starting my first costume with eva foam and I was wondering; what are your 5 favorite/must have tools for working with eva foam?

Any update on when and what the 250K sub fan project will be?