Prop: Live – Q&A with Zonbi – 2/1/2018

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Zonbi joins Punished Props this week for prop and costume Q&A! Grace and Bill answer questions about documenting cosplay progress, con crunch survival, favorite new skills, skull masks, larger-than-life costume plans, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

How’s Adam doing with that Master & Apprentice show? How has that been different than what he helps you with? Has he brought back any cool new tips?
Of course I must ask about the hidden talent!

Prop Monkey
Do you have any tips on documenting the progress on projects? I become so focused on the making part that I forget to take pictures/video of each step of the process so I can share it.

Skylar Summercrest
What is the best way to connect a chiffon fabric cape to my eva foam armor on the back of the breast plate? This is for upcoming Vaporeon cosplay from Pokemon.
Also, any tips on working with Eva?

Where can you find the time for cosplay during con crunch? What’s the most healthy way to deal with all the hours at work, life and then cosplay?

I’m making Ryan Gosling’s jacket from Blade Runner 2049. It looks leather, but I heard the jacket was just cotton and they painted/coated it to look like leather (since there is not animal products in the blade runner universe). I want to do this, any idea as to how they pulled that off?

When making an armour build with a lot of different sections built on top of each other, would it be better to start with a thick foam base for structure or a thinner foam so it doesn’t get too thick and hot? For example the berserker armour from Berserk.

I’m starting a Ghost Rider cosplay and having some issues with the skull face. How difficult would it be to take a human skull 3D model (from Thingiverse etc) and turn it into a helmet or mask? Masks on Amazon look awful and masks on Etsy are way pricey. I have no 3D modeling experience, but if I’m going to drop some coin, might as well learn a new skill.

what is your biggest build planned for 2018 so far?

Jeremy from Testing Limitz
I’m making Darkonda, a villain from Power Rangers In Space. What kind of material do you think they used to make this suit and what materia would you use?

Travis Roberts
I’m making an EVA foam Bowie knife, but I’m getting a lot of varying responses about different thicknesses of foam to use for Blades and hilts. Is it because there’s no one set thickness?

What have you enjoyed learning recently?

How do you tell what type of mold you should make for each master you create? ie two part, one piece, etc.

Shedquarter Creations
I need to gain about 6 inches for my Mecha Tekkaman suit. The foot length is 16inches long. should I make it with a single long base platform or hinge the base at a point like my toes?

What are some good materials to use for filling seams? I don’t like not being able to sand stuff down, but am having trouble finding what I could use.

Have you guys painted rain boots before? I’m wondering what kind of paint to use for rubber boots.