Prop: Live – Q&A with Folkenstal Armory – 2/15/2018

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Folkenstal joins Punished Props this week for Prop and Costume Q&A! Bill and Ana answer questions about pewter metal casting, sculpted props made into soaps, business advice, painting bodysuits, masking, cold casting, and more!


Folkenstal Armory

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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Where do you get ideas for new items to sculpt and make into soaps?

Zero-Cool Prop Shop
If you could go back in time when you just started out and could give yourself some advice about the whole prop experience/business…what would it be?

Just wondering if you’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con? It’s my first year attending and I’m excited to see all the awesome cosplays! I’m making Marian Hawke from Dragon Age 2!

How would you recreate Chinese mountain pattern armour for cosplay? The image linked below is the most accepted shape for individual pieces, where the purple lines are downward folds.

Skylar Summercrest
How do respond to people calling cosplay “Halloween”?

My maker space is in my one bedroom apartment. Do casting and molding materials give off toxic fumes when curing? If so, are there resins and silicone materials that don’t?

Question 1: In light of the Space-X launch: What’s your favorite space ship?
Question 2: When will we see the elusive Paige/RedibirdProps (outside of the chat)?

Albert G
What kind of of paints would be best for painting onto a lycra morphsuit? Does the angelus paint you use on eva foam work on that type of fabric?

I’m working on an item that I’d like to cast in clear resin, then add a fluorescent blue pigment to it. I’m planning to add blue UV LEDs, like some fish tanks use to make fish glow. Do you think this would work (in theory) to make a really cool glowing piece?

Hi Bill! Big fan of your PipBoy mod. I am planning on attempting a similar repaint. How do you remove all the knobs on the front? Especially the radio knob on the PipBoy as the fear of snapping it off is holding me back.

Nick L
For Creature Cast neoprene, how long should I wait between coats to apply a second coat when brushing it on? How long should I wait between coats when spraying it on with a Critter gun?

How do you mask super thin lines? I saw molotow has a Liquid masking pen. Any experience with those? (Example the thin blue lines from my 3d print of Jonah’s sword.) Taping was a pain and let some paint get underneath.

Exploding Coyote
Have you ever done cold casting with Smooth Cast 325? I know it seems odd to do that with a clear resin but wondering if that gives any cool effect or just covers up?

Which tips can you give us in terms of creating color gradients with airbrush? (colors, techniques etc.)

Is getting a cheap airbrush worth the time? i’m wanting to start airbrushing but there is a huge range of prices

Nickadvanced Cosplay
I’m trying to get the same spotty/splatter finish as seen in the movie on my Kylo Ren helmet. I have read some tutorials, but I’m interested to know how you would tackle that paint job?

Testing Limitz
With Black Panther coming out, what is your favorite superhero? Iron-man was mine for awhile but I think I’m back on the Spider-man bandwagon.

What would you use to make a mold for casting metal. Is silicone temperature resistant enough?