Prop: Live – Q&A with Volpin Props – 3/1/2018

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Volpin Props crashes another Prop: Live Q&A! Bill and Harrison talk about materials to make masters for molding, deadlines, HVLP painting, epoxy casting, cold casting helmets, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Blizatrex – Materials
Question 1:
What is your favorite / preferred material to make a master from for molding and casting vs a one-off prop replica?
Question 2: – shop spaces
How are both of your new/potential shop locations coming along?

Skyler – Foam Armor
How would you glue EVA foam to fabric? I am making female chest armor and going to use an old bra I have and cover it with my foam for the other shapes. Is this possible?

Michael – Motivation
Did you ever find it hard to stay motivated to regularly build props when you first started and had a full time, 9-5 job?

Vadim – Getting Started
How do you start a successful prop business or get hired by a big company to be a prop maker?

Drew – Prop Business
Have you ever missed a deadline? Did you compromise on quality to deliver?

Doctor Constantiel – HVLP Painting
Question 1:
What would you recommend for stepping up from a basic airbrush setup to something that can lay down smooth layers of House of Kolor type paints?
Question 2:
Is HVLP the only way to go, and if so, is there a hobbyist level setup that you’d recommend for occasional use?

Jacob – Appearances
Will you be at Wondercon this year? And if so, is there going to be a meet-up and are we going to see a new costume?

Josh – Casting
You guys did some experiments with hollow and expanding foam core casts using resin and fiberglass; what were your take-a-ways from the experience and do you have any tips?

Milton Murphy – Mold Making
I’m trying mold making using OOMOO 30 and Smooth Cast 300. I’ve recently tried to cast some small pieces and am having a problem with air being trapped in the nooks and crannies. I was considering a silicone thinner or trying a material with a lower viscosity – would something like that work?

Heypatch – Materials/Airbrushing/Casting
Question 1:
What is your favourite material to work with and why?
Question 2:
Nice set Harrison! How have you wall mounted all those props behind you? How heavy are the props you make compared to foam props, the ones you make being mostly cast resin, (I assume)?

Duran Duran – Painting
Bill, have you ever painted EVA foam to look like leather? I want to make some leather looking armor without having to actually use leather.

Flawn Folo – Airbrushing
Do the Alclad paints you use in your airbrush have to be thinned or are they ready to go?

Shank MCshank – Cold Casting
I have been casting some Star Trek badges. I tried cold casting with brass powder, but even with a good polish I can’t quite get the look. Do you know of a gold metallic paint that would give a high polished gold look? or something else?

Bilbodragons – Twins
Question 1:
Have you and your brother ever done a cosplay together to play off the fact that you are twins? Like perhaps the twins from the 2nd Matrix?
Question 2:
Does Rob have a youtube channel?

Mr Pink – Cold Casting
Have you ever cold cast a helmet? I’ve seen you do a Dragon Priest mask but wasn’t sure how hard it would be to do a whole helmet. (I’m working on a rocketeer costume.)

Magically Dunn Creations – Foam Sealing
I made some foam horns and I’m about to seal them before paint. What is your preferred sealing method for foam horns prior to painting?

Shmee – Urecoat
A while back you were going to get Urecoat from Smooth-On. Did you ever and how did it go?

So…when can we expect this?