Astonishing Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con 2018

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Absolutely incredible cosplay from our friends in Seattle at Emerald City Comic Con 2018. The costumes at ECCC are getting more and more impressive each year!

If you know any of the cosplayers in the video, please let us know in the comments so we can add them to the credits list.

Characters and Cosplayers in Order of Appearance:

Borderlands Frozen Gaige and Tiny Tina – DC Sisters Cosplay

Barbarian – Shell Bell Cosplay & Modeling

Rey & Kilo – Rogue’s Gallery Fitness

Cyclops – Draco Mac Cosplay

Ice Climbers – Alex Cautley & Matt Grigsby

Squirrel Girl – Corvidae Cosplay 

Hela – Epoch Echo

Death’s Head

Mercy – Inverted Laura

Spider Man – Northwest Spidey

She-Hulk – Ve’Loria Solo

Mord-Sith – Deanna Sarkar

Thor – Wildkarde


Talion/Celebrimbor – Jechts 

Tiny Xenomorph

Korg – Thomas Sergneri

Grey Fox – Diegator

Samurai Trooper – Modulus Props


Valkyrie – Harbeastie

5th Element Police Officer – BHCosplay 

Porg Chef – Anabel 

Aquaman – Luciano Uccedo

Cabal – BHCosplay 

Sweeper Bot – lily.bean.cosplays

Red & Gold Dwarf – Devlin Murdock

Soundwave – Nerd Alert Cosplay

Card Guards – Wasteland Alice Cosplay

Mad Hatter

Storm Shadow – Matneato

Snake Eyes – Danquish

Skyrim – Foam Friction

Cayde-6 – Phamtaro Cosplay

Lord Shaxx

Elysium – Biser Builds

Samus – Doran Clan Creations

Beagle Boys – Cosfamily

Music by Ian Post – “Counting The Money”