Prop: Live – Q&A with Henchmen Studios – 3/15/2018

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This week, Henchmen Studios joins us on Prop: Live Q&A! Bill and Jordan talk about costume builds, back harnesses, hiring employees, repairing cold cast resin, favorite paints, 3D printed armor reinforcement, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Habiteer Workshop – Harness
Jordan, how did you make the backing/harness for the Moria backpack? It looked invisible!

Kristian – Molding/Casting
Do you guys ever host casting/molding workshops?

SoHautRightNow (Nick) – Business
Both you and your guest now have employees. I was wondering about the hiring process, if any. Were they simply professional relationships that evolved organically, or was there a type of application?

Foundry 13 – Origin Story
Was there a specific moment where you decided you wanted to take up prop making as a hobby, when was it, what were you doing?

Fiery Wolf Cosplay – Foam
I’m tackling my first EVA foam project, and my PlastiDip is forming an orange peel like rough texture. Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

RingleaderLuna – Painting
What brand of spray paint sticks to PlastiDip? I would like it to stick and not flake off–for my cyborg ninja Raiden mask.

BrandonTheOrc – Adhesives
Have you tried the new adhesive sheet called CosBond from Zaklabs? I’ve heard surprisingly good things, such as being comparable to Barge Cement in bond strength. But, it feels like a too-good-to-be-true product so I’d like your opinion!

NoSpaceship – Cold Cast Repair
I purchased Henchmen studios McCree belt buckle that was cold cast. In the corners it has started to chip because of my 3D printed armor. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to repair it, or prevent what has already started chipping from getting worse? Could I put superglue over the corners? I’ve put padding on the armor to prevent it from causing any more damage.

Classy Carp – Airbrush Paints
Do you have any experience trying to airbrush diluted heavy body acrylics (eg Liquitex)? Do you think it is possible with airbrush medium?

Sam – Foam
Have you ever considered or tried using a hot wire cutter for EVA foam? It seems like as long as you are in a well ventilated area it would be a cheaper and cleaner alternative to a band saw?

Korium9 – Critter Gun
I was watching the last time Henchmen Studios was on Q&A. Did Jordan ever get a Critter gun? Also, hidden talent?

Buckaroo – 3D Printing
I have been working printing with pla. Have you ever printed armor parts thin to save time and filament but then reinforce the parts with fiberglass to strengthen the parts and possibly to keep the heat from warping?

Diesel – Cosplay Making
Are there any recent techniques or products that you’ve recently discovered that made you go WHAT IS THIS DEVIL MAGIC!?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE!?!

LadyLongshanks – Molds
Jordan, what do you do with all of your old molds? Especially that giant Warframe body mold?