Prop: Live – Q&A with Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay – 4/25/2018

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The Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay team joins us for a cat-filled Q&A this week! The duo help Bill answer questions about sewing for beginners, cats, traveling with costumes, silicone casting, cosplay competitions, time management, cleaning costumes, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Do you have any advice for a beginner learning how to sew?

Atomo Workshop – Business Matters
I noticed there was a name change to Punished Props Academy instead of Punished Props, may I ask why the change?

NoSpaceship – Traveling with Props and Costumes
We’re planning on flying to Blizzcon this year! Any advice on traveling with costumes? Not necessarily how to pack, but how to get through TSA more easily? I’ve heard of marking your trunk with whats inside like “Toy Props.”

Ecoli – Painting
I’m trying to paint a resin helmet, but the metal spray paint pulls the primer off when taped off for different colors, down to bare resin. Do you have a rule of thumb or favored brand of paint to avoid issues like this?

Albert – Materials
What type of material do you really want to make a costume out of next? Mine’s silverleaf; what’s yours?

ZippingMeteor – Helmet Casting
I made a Red Hood helmet and want to make a mold for slush casting so that the casts are clear (see through). What materials would you recommend?

Allana – Casting in Silicone
I want to make a headpiece for a Splatoon character out of silicone. How do you cast in silicone rather than make a mold out of it?

Could you guys share your divine wisdom when it comes to professional cosplay competitions?

Korium9 – Best/favorite
What’s the best (or worst) things Amazon has recommended you should buy? If you actually bought them, how were they?
Also, hidden talent check!

Will Cowbuttcrunchies be at Boston Comic Con this year?

Prop Rocks – Sintra
I’m using Sintra to make prop swords, but they’re a bit flimsy. How would you recommend I support/strengthen them so they don’t snap?

Travis11011 – Covering Seams and vacuum forming
Question 1: I’m making a foam helmet and I can still see the seams after spraying on PlastiDip. Do I need to add more spray? How do I make the seams invisible?
Question 2: I’m looking at buying a toaster oven for thermal forming. What kind of oven would you recommend? Convection? Something else?

Tasmania Nerd
Just wondering what techniques, tools or processes you use to manage your time?

HeyPatch – 3D Printing
Question 1: How do you go about properly scaling a 3D model of a helmet or piece of armour to properly fit?
Question 2: How do you divide the model to fit in the printable volume of one’s 3D printer?

Shane – Foamsmithing Goodies
What essential foamsmithing tool should I buy for my birthday?

Skyler – Foam Bow
Do you have any recommendations for EVA foam bow tutorials on YouTube?

David MMO – Cleaning Costumes
I’m joining the Mandalorian Mercs costume club. One Mando said he uses vodka in a spray bottle to clean his painted / weathered flight suit. How do you clean your elaborate costumes?

Lauren – thermoplastics
Do you have any tips for getting better symmetry out of thermoplastic sculpts?