Prop: Live – Q&A with Treatz Cosplay – 5/9/2018

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Treatz Cosplay joins us for prop and costume Q&A! Bill and Josh answer questions about sewing with stretch fabrics, foam bows, work spaces, getting started cosplaying, patterning fabric, sewing machines, and more!


Treatz Cosplay

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Questions from the Show

Candace – Costume material
I am still new to cosplaying. I’ve only really made a batwoman costume that my granny helped me with. I want to make a Captain Marvel suit like the movie promo–the thicker/more durable type of material (like the x-men or black widow movie costumes). What material should I use?

Maddycatcosplay – Stretch fabric
Any advice for working with stretch fabric? I always have problems with bunching and cant seem to get it right!

Zia – PVC core bow
I am using PVC pipe for the core of my bow, For the foam. Should you make “donuts” slide over the pipe or do have a better way.

Korium9 – Moving
So, after the move, how did you decide what went and what (if anything) stayed (or will be duplicated) at home as emergency tools?
Did you come across anything during the move that made you go “Why the hell did I buy this?” or “I forgot I bought this!”

Habiteer Workshop – Warehouse
When did you decide it was time to get warehouse space? Not sure if i should expand or save up as i’m out growing home space

Kristy from The Honest Cosplayer – High School Cosplay Advice
What advice would you give to high school kids interested in starting cosplay or prop building?…cause’ I teach a cosplay class and I love passing along the good word from the pros.

Malcolm – Mask Making
Are you going to be making some creature masks? If yes, what method/ techniques are you interested in trying? What characters would you make?

RedBird Props – Custom Body Suit
I need to make a full body suit for my Skull Kid cosplay that also goes over the giant foam head I made for him. How do you approach challenging patterns and shapes when sewing from scratch?

Frozen – Videos
Is the new shop being rigged for video production, or will you just work around the space you have?

Nerdyviews – New Tools
Any large tool/equipment purchases on the horizon for the new shop?

Morr Props.Art.Cosplay – Armor
What is the best way to make armor patterns without a body form?

Ben @ Hawk 3D Proto – 3D Printing
What’s your ultimate tip for post processing 3D prints?

Lady Queenslayer – Sewing
I am working on a cartoon version maleficent costume. Do you have any tips on making her sleeves? It looks like they defy gravity when her arms are raised but lay fairly flat against her body when they’re at her sides.