Prop: Live – Q&A with Dhareza Cosplayza – 5/23/2018

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Prop and Costume Q&A this week is with Dhareza Cosplayza! Bill and Dhare answer questions about stylized paint finishes, detailing fabric, EVA foam finishes, glowing blades, hanging props, and more!

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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Gabriela – Foam
I’m planning to tackle my first prop, but I’m really afraid of the painting part.
How would you go about replicating this kind of hand painted texture used in games? These big iron rough surfaces and highlights seem impossible to fake through painting alone.

Zia – Fabric & Foam
On this hood, what would be the best way to put on all the detailing on the back and the hood?
For the quiver, is a good idea to use an empty chip tube for so the arrows don’t fall out?

ITS AH TRAP – Dhareza’s costume
What is that green costume behind Dhareza?
Also, how is the new hire coming along?

Nerdyviews – Conventions
For Dhareza, what’s your convention schedule for the rest of the year look like?

Tommy Williamson – Foam
Going to build my first foam prop, an Endo Rifle from T2. I’m going to order foam from TNT, just not sure if I want to go high density or not. Also wondering what the toughest coating is?
Follow up question, going to BrickCon this year? (this is Tommy from BrickNerd as well)

ShedquarterCreations – 3D Prints
Is wood filler a bad way to fill gaps in 3D Prints compared to Bondo?

MiontyZ1O5 – Glowing Blades and Holsters
Any recommendations for building plasma edges blades?
What’s your process for belts and Holsters?

Nerdyviews – Hanging Props
Have you guys figured out how you’re hanging props on your wall in the new shop without drilling into the walls?