Prop: Live – Q&A with JusCosplay – 6/6/2018

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JusCosplay joins Punished Props for this episode of Prop: Live Q&A! Bill and Justin talk about mannequins, straps for large shoulders, shoe covers, flying with large costumes, armor finishes, scaling Pepakura armor, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Justin, are you going to BlizzCon this year? Will you be entering the costume contest with their new format?

Buckaroo – Armor strapping
Justin, what kind of strapping system do you employ for large shoulders, like on your Pharah, to keep them in place? Could a similar method be used for Samus shoulders?

Edward Murray – Tight fitting cosplay
I have always wanted to do a Flash cosplay And I like the sleek aesthetic but it seems my only options are a bodysuit with a pattern printed on it or a set of armor similar to the one seen in the new Justice league movie
Is there a middle ground for tight fitting costumes that allow for better quality and depth than just a body suit, but not as clunky as a full suit of armor?

Sarah – Foam boots
I’m making some giant boots out of foam. Would sealing the bottom of the foam shoe with latex rubber be strong enough to stand up to walking on? I need the tread to be 3d, so I can’t add flat rubber to the bottom.

Jeremy – animatronics
Justin, Im going to RangerStop in Orlando in November, Any chance you’re going?
Costuming question; any advice before I dive into arduino and animatronics in cosplays? (maybe for my ironman.)

NoSpaceship – Traveling with Props and Costumes
Any recommendations on a good truck or piece of luggage to pack your costume in to fly with?

Justin mccorkle – Paint
What kinda paint do you use for that Pharah blue to be so metallic and beautiful?

Danielle – Painting
Who do you look up to the most when it comes to armor painting?

Purplekoolaid87 – Time and MDF
Question 1: I love making props but at times I feel it is taking big chunks out of things that actually matter I.e School, social, family, etc. What is your advice for when you feel this way?
Question 2: I’m making the team fortress 2 shotgun, and am stumped on the pump and the receiver bits for it. I’m making the majority of it out of mdf and pvc pipe. Any tips?

Habiteer Workshop – 3D Printing
When ya gonna let me 3D print ya something JusCosplay?

Nick – Painting
Can you use a rattle can lacquer under alclad metal paints? Also, do you buy your alclad paints online?

HeyPatch – 3D Scaling
Question 1: Any tips on scaling pepakura models to fit properly?
Question 2: How do you scale a large 3D print to fit? And how do you divide it to fit within the printing area?

Austen Rillo – Favorite Cosplay
What was your favorite costume you’ve created? Mine was Link!