Prop: Live – Q&A with Chaos Costumes – 6/20/2018

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Prop and Costume Q&A this week is with Chaos Costumes! Bill and Blair talk about hooves, stilts, moving tails, sculpting, stencils, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Morr Props.Art.Cosplay – Hooves
For Blair, How do you make your hooves?

Abigayl B – Giant Prop Gun
I am building a Rocket Raccoon cosplay and I’m building his giant blaster gun. It is HUGE and I am wondering what you would suggest to make the size happen but not the weight. Meaning, would you make it hollow and have some supports in the body? Or would you do layers of foam and carve it out and have it solid?

One time props – Portal Gun
I’m making the shells for a Portal gun out of a pepakura file, and I’m going to be covering the papercraft with fibreglass resin, bondo, etc. and then making a mold for it. Are there any other methods than this? Or is this the way to go?

Deathbright – Moving tail
I was wondering how to make a moving tail, like a snake or dragon?

Abigayl Bowden – Faux Glass Dagger
I’m making a “glass” dagger for a Mistborn cosplay. It needs to be con safe, but I want it to be clear enough to have the illusion of being poured or carved from glass. Any suggestions?

Titan armory – Favorite Project
Question 1: What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?
Question 2: When will you post the 300k subscriber video?

Zia – Temporary Tattos
What is the best method to have a temporary tattoos (You know the one you can buy) look like a birthmark? My upcoming cosplay has a oddly shaped mark and was wondering how to make it look real, and not fake.

ITS_AH_TRAP – Stencils
Whats your preferred way to create stencils?

Maddycat – Sculpting
Any tips for a beginning sculptor? Mainly for organic/ animalistic things.

Morr Props.Art.Cosplay – 3D Printing
How do you make sure you 3d print at the right size when printing?

Jeremy – Creature Costume
I’ve thought about tackling a Gargoyle from the 90s disney cartoon. Digi-stilts would be cool and wings would be a must. Thoughts on how hard this would be?

Jewelz (kyojucosplay) – Hoof Troubles
I’m curious if there have been any hoove disasters that had to be dealt with? (eg. stage mishaps)

Mythic-wings – Cutting Circles
What’s, in your opinion, the easiest way to cut circles into foam? I currently only have the most basic of tools AKA box/utility cutters.

Mithrilneth Cosplay – Cold Casting
I have modelled some pieces that will be 3D printed so I can cold cast them. I plan to sand them down and use filler primer to prepare them for moulding but I am wondering whether or not I need to seal them? Will the filler primer interact with the silicone?

Nerdyviews – tools
I’m in the market for a cordless rotary tool to use to shape foam outside and won’t have access to an outlet. Any recommendations as to how powerful or how much voltage the tool would need?

Christian – casting
What is your opinion on Alumilite compared to SmoothOn? (mainly I can buy alumilite locally)

Quentin – Pepakura
I recently finished crafting my first ever pepakura piece and I’m extremely new to it all. I made a helmet and I was wondering if it’s okay to do a layer of paper mache before I apply rondo/bondo/resin etc…

Silent Warlock – transport
How you usually transport something big like wings? or warhammer armor