Prop Live Podcast 7/11/18 – Shop Move Story

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Bill & Britt chat about what it was like to move their shop and all the challenges and excitement of creating a new work space.

New live stream schedule is every Wednesday at 2pm! We’ll be alternating every week between the podcast stream and live streams from the shop.



Finding Shop Spaces:

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Why move out of the basement?


Space to grow a team


How did you search for spaces? – Industrial

Craigslist – office/commercial

  • This is handy if you’re looking to rent in a shared workspace

Went with a Commercial Real Estate Firm

Toured several spaces – Learned what mattered to us


What is the process for getting a shop space? Was it hard to find the right property/space to rent/lease?

Different depending on where you live

Zoning – M1, M2, M3

Hard to find spaces under 5,000 sf listed

Tenant application

Usually an offer and counter offer

We learned to present our financials and business model clearly


Signed 3-year Lease


What was the move like?

Rented a moving truck to move furniture out of storage

Moved stuff out of basement with friend’s van


What are you going to do with the old shop basement?

Storing costume bins

Storing books

Weight lifting equipment


What would you have done differently?

We don’t regret touring multiple locations: It’s hard to know what you want until you look around