One Day Build: CYBERPUNK 2077 Inspired Costume – HOW TO

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Bill created this awesome Cyberpunk 2077 inspired costume for TwitchCon in just one day! Check out this tutorial to see how you too can transport yourself into the future with nothing more than some thrift store finds, a bit of glue, scraps, and paint!

One Day Build Strategy

Building a costume in one day isn’t always ideal, but it can be super fun and is a great way to learn how to successfully prioritize your build.

Always Be Planning

Gather your materials and make a plan! Start with a notepad or a notes window on your computer and list out everything you HAVE to get done in order for your costume to be completed. What elements are essential? These will be your highest priority.

Dream Big

Then, figure out your stretch goals! What would be really great to add if you have time? Have materials on hand in case you are able to get to these extra goals. Things like small details, special effects like lighting, or more weathering fall into this category.

Time Management

You can absolutely just dive right in and get started and do as much as possible, but things often take longer than expected – something might break, a process might be more challenging than anticipated, or a critical step may be forgotten! It really helps to know your game plan going into a costume so you know what needs to be done in a day to meet your goals and end up with an awesome build.

Tool and Material Hoarding

Another thing to consider when planning a one day build is what tools and materials you’ll have access to. Here at the shop we have some great materials, tools, and pieces of equipment that we’ve slowly collected over many years to help us get things done faster.

Alternate Crafting Methods

Don’t feel like you can’t follow our tutorials if you don’t have access to these tools! There’s always an alternative way to tackle the things we use power tools for, but they may take a bit longer. Keep this in the back of your mind when you’re planning something like a one day build.

Modifying clothing with paint and creating details out of foam can all easily be done by hand, and if you want to make facial prosthetics but don’t have access to molding and casting materials, you can try making them out of light weight plastic instead, or even foam! All you really need to make a costume like this is thrift store goodies, a sharp knife, glue, a ruler, scraps, and paint. Feel free to get creative with your workarounds – the sky is the limit.

We All Ask for Help

If you’re ever unsure how to tackle something, try asking a fellow Maker in the fantastic Prop Tarts group, or give us a tweet! Have fun, and we’ll see you in the next build.


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