Lord of the Rings Style Dwarven Helmets Made from EVA Foam | Tutorial + Free Patterns

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Bill and Britt are huge fans of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. On their quest to build everything from EVA foam they teamed up to create a LotR dwarf style helmet from just a few sheets of EVA foam. Follow along as they use simple tools and materials to transform this humble material into an epic, wearable piece of art.


Tools & Materials:

Music from Artlist.io

  • Joy by Alex Keren
  • Gritty Fix by Bamtone
  • Slapstickin’ by Stefano Mastronardi
  • Befun by Befun
  • The Speakeasy by Stefano Mastronardi
  • Coal Mine Rhythm by Dan Ayalon
  • Few Things by Alex Keren
  • Coming Home by Geva Alon
  • Electro Swing Ballroom by Stefano Mastronardi
  • Our Way by Roman P

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