Immortal JEDI Mashup – Making the Highlander LIGHTSABER

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Bill loves Highlander and Star Wars, so when he got his hands on a sword mold from Highlander 2, a mash up had to happen! The lightsaber was purchased as a kit, but all the connecting pieces were machined from real metal! Also, the handle came from a special mold…


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Highlander 2 Sword Reference Photos

Thank you for the use of the mold, Mike!
3rd Coast Props

SaberForge Veteran Kit

Tools and Materials:

Bill’s Shop Tools

Music from Artlist

  • Upbeat Cowboy by Young Rich Pixies
  • Catching Lightning by Alex Mastronardi
  • Roadside Rodeo by SLPSTRM
  • Slide by Simon Osterhold
  • 12 Punch by Rex Banner
  • Sunrise by Leva
  • If You Can by Leva
  • Bring Home The Beats by Jake Bradford-Sharp

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