Cosplay for You: Spicythaidesign’s New Book!

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As cosplayers, we’re living through an extraordinary golden age of knowledge and creativity. A handful of amazing humans in the community have gone above and beyond with their generosity and added their perspective, skills, and enthusiasm to the permanent record by inscribing their years-earned knowledge into books designed to help new makers dive into the craft. I was overjoyed when I heard Sanit was working on his own book. Not only is Sanit a delightful human and friend (its impossible to not become fast friends with him), he’s also a world traveled and experienced maker, a professional with years of experience making costumes at Weta Workshop for blockbuster movies, and he has a unique and valuable perspective on the craft of creating original designs and costumes.

Cosplay for You
Personalized Design in Crafting Costumes From Concept to Creation

by Sanit Klamchanuan

Sanit’s story is amazing. As his art career was taking off the word that kept popping up in the book was “volunteer”. Sanit was never afraid to donate his time and creative talents to other the other makers in his community and I think that is the biggest factor in any creative person’s journey. Helping others has been a tentpole of Sanit’s story and it’s a consistent theme from all of the amazing people I’ve met from Weta Workshop.

I’m especially excited that Sanit chose to focus his book mostly on design. As an artist who regularly dabbles in his own original designs and mash-ups in his costumes, this particular aspect of the costume creation process is something he excels at. As a costume maker myself, original designs are something I struggle with and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Sanit is a master of redesigning and reimagining existing costumes with his own creative flair, often incorporating the traditional design elements from his Thai heritage into existing sci-fi or fantasy armor. I personally love his take on costumes from the video game Destiny. That kind of inspired creativity is rare in cosplay and it’s always refreshing to see it executed so masterfully. Much of the instruction in “Cosplay for You” focuses on this aspect of Sanit’s design philosophy and it’s a valuable perspective for any cosplayer.

The books covers an extremely wide range of materials, tools, and techniques. Sanit has dabbled with every single type of common prop and cosplay material like Worbla, EVA foam, polystyrene, leather, 3D printing, etc. More importantly, he’s clear about why he uses each material for specific reasons on all of his different projects, something that’s not obvious to new makers.

Sanit visited our shop when he was in town along with our pal Steven K Smith.

Cosplay for You” is an amazing addition to the pantheon of prop and cosplay knowledge and it belongs on your shelf. It’s an extraordinary overview on the multitude of ways to make props and costumes that anyone at any level can learn and follow.