The Blaster Retrospective

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Bill has been making space blasters for almost 15 years. With the completion of the Starfield Rattler, he decided to take a look back at many of the space sidearms he’s made since 2009.

Team Fortress Rocket Launcher (2009)

Jim Reynor Revolver (2010)

Steampunk Cowboy Revolver (2010)

BSG Pistol (2011)

N7 Eagle & Phalanx (2011)

Carnifex/Paladin (2012)

Kerrigan Rifle (2013)

Prop Space Gun Project (2013)

Destiny Hand Cannon (2014)

District 9 Rifle (2015)

Jade Rabbit (2016)

Malcolm Reynolds Pistol (2016)

Boolean Gemini (2017)

Dead Man Walking (2017)

Film Riot Rifle (2017)

Bladerunner Blaster (2018)

Unkempt Harold Series (2019)

Fallout Nuke Launcher (2019)

Vash The Stampede Revolver (2020)

Noisy Cricket (2022)

Starfield Rattler (2023)

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