Goodbye, random box of filament…

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…hello organization! Thank goodness Pooch stopped by to help us install a RepRack for our 3D printer Filament rolls. It was bad, y’all. We couldn’t tell what colors we had or how close our rolls were to being empty. It’s so much better now! Thanks, Pooch!

RepRack: Open Source Spool Holder And Storage System by Repkord
Includes .STL and .3MF for 3D Printing and .DXF for laser cutting and CNC

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Our new 3D printing adventure GizmoThrill

Tools and Materials: ½” EMT (~19mm Outer Diameter pipe)
Local hardware supply store

Shapeoko 4 – CNC Router

Double Sided/Stick Tape – Amazon

Utility Knives

Sanding Emery Boards – Amazon

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