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How do I turn my hobby into a business? What should I charge for commissions? Should I start a Patreon? What does pie have to do with business? These questions and more are answered in this collection.

For starters, check out my post on How to Become a Professional Prop & Costume Maker. I also go into the journey I personally took to create Punished Props in the video Turning Creative Passion into a Successful Business.

Wondering about getting paid for work vs. getting work for your portfolio? Chase Jarvis came out with an awesome, and totally accurate, article called Say No Unless a Project Has At Least 2 of These 3 Things.

Every business is different, but there are some great resources to get started. If you have, or are starting, your own business, I highly recommend reading the books below. Especially, The E-Myth Revisited.

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