I Finally Made a Proton Pack!

My buddy Garrick came to visit and helped me make my very own Proton Pack from scratch! This was a TON of fun and I’m so excited to own one of these amazing props.

Building a Legit Blade Runner Blaster Kit Part 1

In this first part of an epic, legendary prop build, Bill sorts through the pieces from his mystery Blade Runner pistol resin kit. This model has both resin and metal cast parts, all of which require some cleanup and sorting before the prop can be built.

Basic Techniques for Making Prop Parts – Reaper Shotgun from Overwatch

  Bill uses some classic, low-tech prop making techniques to make some new parts for his Reaper gun kit from Henchmen Studios! Also featuring a surprise guest appearance featuring Bill’s extensive first aid kit, courtesy of an uncapped XACTO blade. Henchmen Studios: Tools & Materials: Circle Stencil – Amazon See Through Ruler – Amazon PVC Foam (Sintra) – Amazon Double …